Tangled Web

Curiosity got the better of me with the UpstartPolitican and after initially saying HELL NO, I then made a U-turn and gave the impression that I might be open to his advances. As such, I asked him to clarify what role he wanted me to fill in his life but he didn’t want to tell me via Facebook; he wanted to do so in person. Well actually to hear him tell it, he wanted to have a meeting so he could put me through my paces as if it was a job interview. This was his way of detaching any […]

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From Breadcrumbs to Toast

I have not heard from Basherter since I laid into him in March. Perhaps he finally understands my position — when I’m done, I done. I had told this to him before we stopped speaking, but I suppose he never thought it would apply to him. After all, while unsaid for much of our friendship, I was madly in love with him. But no more. I knocked that out of my system like a bad cold. Besides getting rid of Basherter, as bonus, I’ve also gotten rid of his friend who continually phoned me to chitchat. This guy wasn’t much […]

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This past Wednesday was the 21st anniversary of my mother’s death. I know people say that it gets easier as the years go on, but for me it hasn’t– perhaps because our family unit hasn’t really recovered. To be exact, I am not on speaking terms with my younger sister. I made the decision a few years ago to distant myself from all her drama. Heck, to be honest, its one of the reasons I left Chicago. I just didn’t know how to be supportive without continually having to rescue her every time she got herself into a difficult situation. […]

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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

What a wonderful World Cup we’ve had. There were lots of twist and turns and Germany, one of the teams I was rooting for won. So looking forward to the next big sporting event. And in fact, for the first time ever, I’m following the Tour De France. Not as exciting as the World Cup, but still impressive to watch the cyclists endure. I’m also really looking forward to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I actually had the chance to be one of the performers in the closing ceremony. However, as the rehearsals were many — plus acccomomodations and train […]

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Henri, Le Chat Noir

I was checking out the SXSW 2014 schedule and came across a workshop titled Cat Cash: The Economy of Internet Cat Videos. Curious about the topic I then did a bit of googling including looking up the presenters one of them being Will Braden the creator of Henri Le Chat Noir. Now why I hadn’t discovered Heri before is beyond me but I’ve spent the last two hours watching his videos on repeat and laughing out loud. Not because they are your typical cat videos, but more so as they are so high brow. Heri bills himself as a feline […]

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