We All Want Love

Thankfully, I have never been in a physically abusive relationship. But I have unfortunately been in some emotionally abusive ones. And so I’m somewhat sympathetic with Rihanna who is clearly still in love with Chris Brown. Where it not for the media, I’m sure they’d still be together. The end of that love affair came to a crashing end not by her choice or even Chris’, but by public pressure to do the right thing — to set a positive example for other girls. But are celebrities like her really the appropriate role models for love and living a good […]

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One And Only

Oh to be in love with someone, but be afraid to truly let them in. Adele say it best: “One And Only” You’ve been on my mind I grow fonder every day, Lose myself in time Just thinking of your face God only knows Why it’s taken me so long To let my doubts go You’re the only one that I want I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before Every feeling, every word, I’ve imagined it all, You never know if you never try To forgive your past and simply be mine I dare you to let […]

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Overcoming Olympic Withdrawal Syndrome

I am experiencing Olympics Withdrawal Syndrome – not just because I was a volunteer performer during the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, but also because I got to attend a few events; quite a few in fact. How was that possible when everyone kept screaming about the lack of available tickets? Well luck really! I had applied during the initial ballot and was successful in gaining tickets for: Beach Volleyball – Preliminary Round, Men’s 3M Springboard Diving – Final and Women’s Football/Soccer – Final. As I had gotten 4 tickets to each event, I took different lots of friends. And through […]

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Flag Bearer for Country 194

My participation in the London 2012 Opening & Closing Ceremonies as a Mechanical/Audience Leader was beyond amazing. I met lots of interesting people from all walks of life and got to perform before an audience of 80,000+. I quote this figure and not the television audience figures of 3 billion+ for each Ceremony as I didn’t make it on TV. Our group performed and interacted with the audience to keep them entertained and involved at various stages throughout the Ceremonies, however as we were not on the Field of Play, much of this wasn’t shown on TV; well not at […]

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London 2012 Olympics: Closing Ceremony

The London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony was incredible. It wasn’t as emotional as the Opening Ceremonies but had a good time nonetheless despite the fact that I was a bit nervous. Why? Well we didn’t have much time to rehearse. Actually, truth be told the only rehearsal pre show day for the Mechanicals was cancelled as we needed to be in the stadium. Of course that wasn’t possible as the athletics were still in play. Then on show day, we had an abbreviated rehearsal. But hey, our group were now pros and so we winged it! Beyond interacting with my […]

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