Halloween 2012: 100 Classic Spooky Songs and Tunes

The first Halloween I spent in London, I went all out. I purchased near £30 worth of candy and decorated the windows with lights and festive Halloween bunting. I did so as I lived in Wimbledon on a street with children and so anticipated I’d get quite a few visitors for trick-or-treat. Much to my surprise, no one came – absolutely NO ONE! Stuck with all that chocolate and candy, I gained quite a few pounds. So in subsequent years, I didn’t bother. The British weren’t yet ready to embrace yet another American tradition. Now, nearly seven years on, more […]

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Oxjam Brixton

Off the success of Oxjam Clapham earlier in the month, decided to volunteer for Oxjam Brixton. For this event, I was a venue steward at Market House. This meant that I checked wrist bands as people came through. I also sold programmes, raffle tickets and wrist bands to those that hadn’t already purchased. Finally, I was responsible for informing the stage manager when the artistes arrived. It was all so much fun! One of the acts I really enjoyed was Tribo Band. They are a samba reggae group originating from Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil and now have splinter groups […]

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Mass Movement

One of the main people responsible for getting the London 2012 Ceremonies Volunteer Performers whipped into shape was choreographer, Nathan Wright who has worked extensively in musical theatre, films and large scale events including quite a few other Olympic events. And a few weeks ago, Nathan sat down with fellow Mechanical Vivienne Lee on Meridian Radio to talk about his inspiration to become a choreographer, involvement with the Olympics, favourite songs and plans for the future. Interestingly, one of the projects that Nathan is now working is with another London of the 2012 Mass Movement Choreographers. Basically, they started a […]

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One for One Movement

One of the corporate sponsors for Oxjam Clapham was TOMS a company that started a one for one movement. This means that with every pair of their shoes purchased, the company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in a developing country. And since the company started in 2006, they have given over 2 million pairs of shoes to needy children across the globe. Now that is very impressive. What’s even more impressive is that they have started a similar campaign for eyewear. So well done to them for being so socially responsible — business can indeed make […]

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Kimberly Anne

Festivals like Oxjam Clapham are a great place to discover up and coming musical acts. And it was there that I became acquainted with Kimberly Anne. With an amazing soulful voice that reminds me of Tracy Champan, I’m sure she will go quite far. Have a listen below and become spellbound by new single: Bury It There. Simply amazing! Bury It There – OUT NOW! by Kimberly Anne Related posts: Anne Harris/Rose Rage Oxjam Clapham

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