The Bombshell Confession

The saga with RacquetballGuy continues. What now, exactly? Well, after saying that I didn’t want to be his friend, I decided to try. I did so for three reasons: 1. It seemed foolish to banish him completely since my feelings for him were genuine. 2. We lived on different sides of the Atlantic and so maintaining a platonic friendship would be easy. 3. I wanted answers to questions and those would only come once he decided to open up completely. So towards the end of April, I decided to reach out to him. Those early conversations were painful, but we […]

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The Reapparance & Disappeance of RacketballGuy

Yup.  You read that correct.  After nearly five years of no contact, RacketballGuy suddenly reappeared last August a few days before my birthday.  The company he works for in Chicago sent him to London on an extended work assignment and he called me a few days after arriving. I was in such shock and at first I thought it was some sort of prank but it turned out to be real.    And in that I didn’t have a boyfriend — I had just started going on dates again — I agreed to meet up for drinks, maybe dinner.  As there […]

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10 Reasons I Don’t Want To Be Your Mistress

So yet another long period of not writing on the blog.  I’d ask for forgiveness, but is anyone still here reading?  Of course, I suppose whether or not someone is reading was never really the point of this blog.  I started over 14 years ago with a desire to document my life and really not be so secretive about everything.  However as blogging became more popular, that wasn’t so easy. That being said, I am still here.  And oh yeah, still single.   Everyone including myself continues to be surprised but perhaps I really shouldn’t be.  Now that I am […]

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Little Monsters

I got close to signing up for a dating website, but I’ve decided to hold off. Truthfully, while my hormones are raging, now is not a good time to get in a relationship. Why exactly?   Well at the end of the month, I’ll be having a procedure to remove my fibroids.  I have been delaying for years, but I can’t put it off anymore. Not to be vulgar but my periods are rather heavy and at times like the river nile. As a result,  I am always borderline anemic.  This leaves me feeling continually tired and exhausted. I barely […]

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No, Maybe, Yes, Maybe, No

Remember the UpstartPolitican? Well, I met up earlier this week. It was supposed to be for a quick hello as I was in the middle of attending a conference. However, I ended up spending the afternoon/evening with him shopping. Not for me though, for him. It was all rather bizarre. Within minutes of meeting on Oxford Street, he was dragging me from one high-end department store to the next, looking at suits, shirts, shoes, etc. Apparently he needed to stock up, and he was using my presence to help guide his purchases. Now I don’t enjoy shopping so have to […]

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