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Rocking My Afro

Here is a picture of me rocking my afro earlier today. I got tired of the braids I was wearing so I took them out yesterday. I thought about going to the beauty shop today to get some more put in, but I just didn’t have the energy to sit in a chair for 6 to 8 hours while someone turned my head every which way. So I’m trying to get use to the new look. Heck, I might even go to work on Monday with it. I know many don’t consider “natural” to be professional, but I don’t care […]

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No More Afro Puff For Awhile

Yesterday I went for a trim, but instead I got a hair cut. All total I lost 4+ inches. While it looked cute, I freaked somewhat as I’m not use to my hair being so short. So I made an appointment to get micro mini braids. So that’s what I did today. I spent 8 hours in a chair, getting my hair done. I like the look so perhaps I’ll keep it for awhile and here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long for my real hair to grow back. I already miss being able to put my hair in an […]

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New Hairstyle

I’ve changed. Well just my hairstyle that is. After months of wearing an afro puff every day, decided to get hair twisted. Here’s a picture of me from last Thursday

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Wearing My Hair Natural

I am trying to wear my hair natural and feeling somewhat frustrated. It is thick and nappy and almost untamable. I am not trying to make a political statement, I am just sick of paying so much to get my hair done. I use to have a perm, but I got tired of that and wore braids to let the perm grow out. Now, just to get my hair washed, conditioned and hot pressed (blown straight) cost like $55 and that doesn’t even last more than a week sometimes, particularly if I am being good about going to the gym. […]

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Afro or No Afro

This morning, after semi-annual visit to dentist for cleaning, my younger sister and I went and got our hair done. My younger sister was pleased. She has been bugging me for months to do a girls day at the salon but I’ve resisted. But now, I need to. You see I took out my braids over the long MLK weekend and didn’t get them put back in. After spending 16+ hours to take out (I did it by myself), I just wasn’t willing to spend another 8+ hours to get them redone. So I got my hair cut and I’m […]

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