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Michelle Obama’s Style

I absolutely adore Michelle Obama and so once I’ve mastered her iconic style as detailed in this Guardian video, I’m wondering where I can go to find my very own Barack Obama. Hmmmm

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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Yesterday I went to a casting to be in a Dove commercial. I’d received the invite a few weeks earlier and totally ignored. Then last week, I got another invite. And since I was going to be in the city on the date of the casting, decided […]

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Natural Hair Beauties

Via one of my favourite blogs: Afrobella, I came across a New York Times article featuring some stunning black and white photos of women rocking their hair natural. How refreshing after all the drama last week with Nivea. Below is one of these dramatic photographs taken by […]

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Nivea: “Re-Civilize Yourself”

Wondering what the heck global skin care company Nivea was thinking when they approved marketing campaign below. As you can see, it has a neat-looking black man holding a decapitated afro haired version of his head with the words ‘Re-Civilize Yourself’ plastered over the picture. Seriously! Come […]

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Nappy Hair

When I first decided not to the perm again my hair some years ago, I did so manly because I was fed up with the cost of going to get my hair done every two weeks. Plus no matter how mild the perm was, I’d always end […]

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